Always On Seminars

Are you an advisor who gets
new clients with seminars?

You can continue to do so and get more business...right now...even though people today won’t attend live seminars because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Better than a live workshop!

Always On Seminars quickly and easily enables you to keep on delivering your seminars to as many prospects as you want...remotely...for as long as COVID-19 keeps them (and you) away from live workshops. And even beyond that!

The system is beautifully simple and amazingly effective.


You upload your presentation, as a video file, into Always On Seminars. It’s easy and normally takes just 47 seconds with standard internet speeds.


You record your presentation into your computer microphone. No webcam required.


Your talk, complete with audio and visuals, is available on demand to any prospect you send to your unique presentation on SMART Retirement TV or for larger agencies your own unique TV Station.

It’s true.

Your business DOESN’T have to take a hit from the coronavirus pandemic. In fact, it can actually continue to grow and take market share from your competition – with a steady stream of:

  • New Qualified Prospects.
  • High Earners Not Rich Yet (HENRYs).
  • New 7-Figure High Net Worth Clients with significant AUM.

The prospect sees only your presentation, on his computer or other device, in the comfort and safety of his own home.

At any time, the prospect can click a Chat button that is always on the screen to instantly speak with you or a member of your team via a secure text link. Your reply will show live while they view your on-demand presentation.

At any time, the prospects can click on an Appointment Scheduler that is always present on screen to easily schedule a free consult – again, by phone or computer via Zoom or a Go-To Meeting.

“While events, dinners, and in-person events are on-hold, we need to focus on accelerating our buyers through online-only channels.”
Target Marketing

Just look at all the advantages
you get with Always On Seminars

There's no travel to a live seminar location for either you or your prospects. You both save time and money. And social distancing is safely maintained. Your workshop is pre-recorded. No need for you to present over and over again as with a live workshop or webinar. Plus, you can get your very best presentation recorded, saved and then reused. Your presentation is now available 24/7 on-demand at any time of the day or night. So potential clients can “attend” at their own convenience – even when your home relaxing, taking a walk or out playing golf.
Real-time Communication
With a single click, prospects can request a live chat with you to ask questions or inquire about your services. This chat is text messaged to you or a member of your team so interaction is instantaneous with your attendee. Prospects can also schedule a free consult with you, using the Always On Seminars online scheduling calendar. With live chat and the appointment scheduler, Always On Seminars starts moving prospects through your sales funnel – to convert more qualified prospects to new clients – Attendees that don’t commit to an appoint will be followed up with using Always On Seminars automated drip email system driving the attendee back to you.
Crush The Competition
Your prospects can replay your on-demand Always On Seminars presentation whenever and as often they want. This way, your valuable financial advice can really sink in -- and is always at the prospect’s fingertips for easy reference. Because of COVID-19 your competitors are spinning their wheels like a car stuck in the mud. But with Always On Seminars, your business can shift back into high gear and pull way ahead – no matter how long the pandemic and fear of the coronavirus linger. Even when the world returns to normal, with Always On Seminars, you can offer your prospects both live and virtual workshops – especially ideal for older clients who prefer not to drive in poor weather conditions or are too distant from your office.

“Canceling an in-person customer event is never an easy choice. However, when the health and safety of your employees and customers are at risk, transitioning your event into an online format is the best course of action – it’s not even a question.”
ANA SmartBrief

Get million-dollar clients – for pocket change!

In today’s economy, you want to continue to attract a steady stream of million-dollar-plus Accounts Under Management. Your Management!

But when budgets are tight, you want to do it without spending a lot of money on poorly converting social media ads, newspaper advertising, conference room rental, or feeding people expensive dinners—right?

That’s why, with the world in turmoil, Always On Seminars is the ideal alternative to in-person workshops and dinner seminars.

Not only does Always On Seminars cost much less than live presentations.

But it enables your prospects to “attend” your Always on Seminar presentations from the comfort and safety of their own homes!

To make that happen, your only investment is a subscription to Always On Seminars – for the low Charter Subscription Rate of just $4.10 a day!

Try Always On Seminars Risk-FREE for a full month!

For a limited time only, you can try Always On Seminars risk-free for 30 days. No commitment or obligation of any kind. If for any reason (or for no reason at all) you are not 100% satisfied, just let us know. We’ll give you a prompt and full refund of your entire annual subscription fee. That way, you risk nothing. But I urge you to hurry. This special No-Risk Charter Subscription offer is for a limited time only. And once it expires, it may never be repeated again.

Use It Risk-FREE for 30 Days


Always On Seminars


Don’t let the coronavirus derail your business!

The businesses most at risk for dramatic drops in revenues are those that meet with customers either one-on-one or in groups. And of course, as financial, investment and insurance professionals, in normal times, we routinely do both.

But today, we are no longer living in normal times.

And that’s where Always On Seminars comes to the rescue!

By enabling you to present your financial workshops virtually and “on-demand,” you can keep prospecting and selling 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – even weekends and holidays!

The bottom line: Always On Seminars empowers you to grab a bigger share of your local market of men and women age 50+ with million-dollar+ IRAs.

Your competitors, meanwhile, sit idle, helpless, befuddled and waiting for “normal” to return -- as you take your area’s best prospects and their client’s accounts away from them … and add them to your client roster – even in these dangerous times!

Use It Risk-FREE for 30 Days

Are these your questions?

Simply that your seminar, presentation, or workshop can be viewed and heard on the web virtually and “on demand” – at a time and date most convenient to your prospect. That’s in sharp contrast to live workshops and webinars, which can only be attended when and where the advisor chooses to hold them.

No. When your prospect clicks the Chat button, you are alerted immediately by text – enabling you to get on your cell phone and text a reply your prospects question promptly.

The Chat feature sends the prospect a message saying you are not available now, but will email an answer to his question within 24 hours.

No. It’s customized with your own presentation PowerPoint slides, and you record your seminar on the system in your own voice. It’s amazingly easy and can all be accomplished with just a few clicks. Many large agencies and national FMOs are providing their agents with high quality turnkey content.

Yes. Always On Seminars offers enterprise solutions for organizations with 35 or more participating agents.

Yes. You can switch to one of your other presentations. Your prospect can choose from multiple presentations you are hosting. This allows you to "split-test" multiple marketing messages and methods (mail, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others) and easily determine your most effective and profitable ROI by message and method.

She just clicks the online Appointment Scheduler to pick the time and date. You both get and accept the invite, and the appointment is added to your calendar.

The system does not currently have an online prequalification questionnaire. As soon as we add this feature, all Always On Seminars users will have immediate ability to use the online questionnaire to qualify leads before agreeing to a consult at no additional charge.

Open your wallet. Take out four singles. Look at them. If you can’t afford to invest that much a day to trounce your competition so badly, they won’t even know what hit them, then you can’t afford Always On Seminars. Otherwise, let’s do this!